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r.cup Success Stories

Read why entertainment venues and facilities love r.Cup!

r.Cup brought together the White House and other national leaders to talk reuse in D.C.

The White House and the EPA are serious about ending single-use waste—and they’re working r.Cup to get the word out.

In Seattle, reuse in the new recycle, and r.Cup is making it possible.

What does it take to build a reuse economy for an entire city? In Seattle, it’s big thinking—and r.Cup.

This catering team is making headlines with r.Cup.

SSA Group is reducing waste at events like the National Western Stock Show—and they’re making it look easy with r.Cup.

This sustainability expert thinks we all need r.Cup. Here’s why.

Experts say reusable solutions are the only way we’ll meet our climate goals, and r.Cup stands out as one of the best. We sat down with Matt Prindiville, CEO of Upstream, to find out why.

Pollstar Live! spotlights r.Cup as a sustainable solution. Here’s why.

At Pollstar Live!, the world’s largest gathering of live-entertainment professionals, r.Cup was featured as a tangible way to boost sustainability. See what the experts had to say about bringing sustainable solutions to live events—and why r.Cup stood out.

How Lone Tree Arts Center kicked its 20,000-cup-per-year habit—with r.Cup

Justin Russell says eliminating six different beverage cups and switching to r.Cup has been a success with  the venue’s bartenders and guests alike. (Bonus: the concession line is moving more smoothly.)

Cali Vibes just raised the bar for sustainability at large-scale festivals.

Tens of thousands of fans at Cali Vibes just experienced a sustainable way to do music festivals, which included innovative solutions like refillable water stations and r.Cup. See what Billboard magazine—and fans—had to say about it all.

After just one night using r.Cup, this Cervantes bar manager was sold.

When Zach Hombach tried r.Cup at his part-time bar manager gig, he was so impressed, he immediately brought the reusable cups to Cervantes Ballroom. “It’s a no-brainer,” he says.

Seattle's ZooTunes eliminates over 27,000 single-use cups in just 12 concerts.

The outdoor concert series at Seattle’s Woodland Park Zoo converted to r.Cup this past summer—and they’ve gotten “incredible feedback” from their guests, according to Liv Johansson, the zoo’s head of sustainability.

L.A. Bans single-use plastics at city venues - and r.Cup stands out as the smart alternative.

The L.A. city council just voted unanimously to ban single-use waste at city venues. What does that mean for venue operators? See how r.Cup is making it easy with a hassle-free cup rental service.

How Seattle's Showbox is eliminating single-use waste

Seattle’s Showbox Theater couldn’t look away from how much trash they were generating, night after night. See what they did about it—and why they feel good about the solution they found.

The pros behind some of Washington's biggest events are raving about r.Cup.

Events and festivals around Seattle are converting to reusable cups. And they’ve named r.Cup the best solution for the job.

The "Most Innovative Reuse Company" has big fans nationwide.

The Reusies recognized r.Cup at their 2022 award ceremony as venues across the country have been steadily converting to reusable cups.

Waste Dive

Reusables player r.Cup expanding in Seattle, adding central washing infrastructure

r.Cup is operational and expanding its presence in Seattle, working with Seattle Public Utilities and other area partners.



Setting the standard for reusable packaging

In the years leading up to the COVID-19 pandemic, reuse gained traction. Back in 2019, Berkeley, California, for one, established an ordinance for restaurants to make the switch to reusable foodware. That includes utensils, plates, cups and even smaller items such as sauce containers.

Screen Shot 2022-02-18 at 11.11.14 AM

The Colorado Sun

Colorado concert halls and ski areas are tossing one-time plastic cups

The party-scene staples will become a thing of the past as washable plastic and aluminum cups take over bars


Denver's AEG music venues switch to reusable cup system

Concert promoter AEG Presents has announced a new plan to remove single-use plastic at all of its Denver venues. AEG Presents said it is partnering with reusable cup system r.Cup on a new wash hub facility in Denver.

r.cup featured on esgx episode 46

ESGX Livestream

Saying Goodbye to Single-Use Plastic

Featuring Keiko Niccolini. Join Philippe Cousteau (cofounder of EarthEcho International), Tom Szaky (founder of TerraCycle and Loop) and Matt Prindiville (CEO of Upstream) to explore how we can work together to end the tide of single use plastic that is damaging our oceans.

r.ware featured on nations restaurant news

Nation's Restaurant News

The creators of r.Cup have a new solution for the disposable to-go packaging problem

“The live-event industry goes through more than 4 billion single-use cups a year. At a typical stadium event, you could see 100,000 [or] 200,000 cups thrown out,” says Martin

r.cup featured on upstream reuse to go


Reuse To Go: Innovations in Takeout and Delivery

If you’ve ordered takeout or delivery from a local restaurant, you’ve had the same experience over and over: your delicious meal is being served in a disposable container that’s used for a matter of minutes and then thrown away.

michael martin on pollstar


Earth Day Special Guest Post: Our Time To Shine

Our inability to gather at the altar of music, to share in the joy of its many communal gifts, has taken a toll on us all, especially the tens of thousands of brilliant, committed members of this industry.

r.cup and live event sustainability



In light of the coronavirus pandemic, must sustainability take a back seat to health and safety when it comes to public assembly facilities and the events they house?



Redefining Live Events, One Reusable Cup at a Time

Veteran music producer and environmentalist solution innovator Michael Martin put his love of live concerts and the planet together.



Mick Jagger wants you to stop throwing away your plastic cups

“The live-event industry goes through more than 4 billion single-use cups a year. At a typical stadium event, you could see 100,000 [or] 200,000 cups thrown out,” says Martin



U2: The Little Things...

“a Minnesota-based company is working with bands like to develop an alternative that creates zero waste, generates additional income for the participating venues and gives fans a souvenir they can take home.”



Q’s With Jack And Kim Johnson on Sustainable Concerts Working Group's BYOBottle Campaign

“Like a reusable cup program: A theater could implement that easier than an amphitheater or stadium.”

michael martin


Social Impact Heroes: How Michael Martin and r.Cup are inspiring communities to reduce their use of single-use plastics

The world is in a plastic crisis. We are all eating a credit card size worth of plastic every week! 



U2 News: Going Green Part 2

The r.Cup is much more than just a cup – it’s the latest in a series of initiatives  aimed at  reducing and mitigating the environmental impact of touring with a rock’n’roll show.



Industry Leaders Discuss What They're Doing to Make Concerts More Sustainable at Billboard Live Music Summit

“r.Cup CEO moderates panel on what he and others are doing to make concerts more sustainable”



r.Cup CEO is interviewed by Green Sports Vlog on launching r.Cup and pioneering the sustainable concert space

I wanted to have a positive impact on the health of people and the plantet”

cbs 47 rcup


St. Augustine Amphitheater makes historic change in live music industry

r.Cup is one of many small changes that… will make a lasting impact in our comunity

cbs news rcup


First Avenue Tests Out Reusable Beer Cup

“r.Cup seems to make a lot of sense”

FAST COMPANY recognizes r.cup on their list of "2020 World's Most Innovative Companies"

“It’s a huge honor to be recognized as a top innovator in the live event industry by such an esteemed media brand and editorial team,” said Michael Martin, r.Cup Founder and CEO. “I’m proud of our strong heritage in sustainability and that we’re consistently pushing for industry change by offering new solutions like r.Cup.”