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What is r.cup?

Born from 30+ years of sustainability expertise and innovation, r.Cup brings environmental solutions to the live events industry through our seamlessly integrated, end-to-end reusable cup systems for large-scale venues and events.

r.Cup offers a sure fire method of eliminating single-use waste at scale. We’ve spent years refining our process and have promoted and proved concept via touring with artists like U2, The Rolling Stones, Dave Matthews Band, Jack Johnson, Maggie Rogers and many more. 

We’ve activated in over 70 cities, 30 U.S. states, 12 countries and 90 venues so far. And now, we’re increasing our venue residencies to drive even more impact.

r.Cup has been honored as a Fast Company’s “2020 Most Innovative Company”, Fast Company “2021 World Changing Company” and a “2021 Most Innovative Reuse Company” by the national Reusies Awards. 

Watch out single-use, we’re coming for you!

How does r.cup work?

We are truly full-service and are here to meet all your reuse system needs. From load-in to load-out, our world class system takes the worry out of cup deliveries, pick ups, sanitization services, warehousing, inventory controls, and inventory management.

We provide the marketing tools to educate and incorporate into any type of space via staff training manuals, social media, on-site and digital signage and r.Cup Return Bins for used cups.

After every activation or event, r.Cup collects, washes, sanitizes, inspects and then repackages cups, to be used again and again and again. 

The continued reuse of these cups allows us to displace tons and tons of single-use, disposable waste. And, at the end of the day, any damaged or retired cups are upcycled into items even cooler than the r.Cups. It’s truly a closed loop system.

All r.Cups are made in the U.S.A. We offer the highest quality cups with the lowest carbon footprint thereby increasing our positive environmental impact.

Why choose reuse?

The live event industry contributes over 4 billion single-use and disposable cups that end up in landfills each year in North America alone – contributing to our global climate crisis.

r.Cup reduces the need for single-use cups at live events while also offering a more profitable and better environmental solution for artists, tour managers, sports teams, festivals, venues and concessionaires.

In a high volume, fast-paced environment, it can be difficult to implement meaningful change. Installing a reuse program with r.Cup gives guests an easy action they can take to help our environment while also helping our program partners meet their zero waste and ESG goals.

r.Cup’s turnkey reusable cup system makes impact simple.

Are reusables safe?

YES! Our reuse solutions and systems include commercial washing and sanitization. Reuse is food safe, protects public health, reduces CO2 emissions, stops single-use pollution and reduces waste.

The CDC has determined that the Coronavirus is transmitted via aersoles, not from surface transmission. This fact, combined with the thorough sanitization process r.Cup implements makes r.Cups completely safe. For more information, please refer to our handy reuse safety guide – available for download on our homepage at rcup.com.

r.Cup is committed to implementing the highest quality washing and sanitization processes available to exceed local and national regulations and requirements. We have a strategic relationship with the world’s leading expert on sanitization, Ecolab, to make sure we stay on the cutting edge of sanitizing technologies. 

Bottom line: Every r.Cup will be as clean or cleaner than any single-use cup available on the market.

What about those aluminum cups I’ve been hearing about?

New research from Upstream – a non-profit known for sparking innovative solutions to plastic pollution – sounds the alarm on single-use waste at live events.

The analysis found that single-use aluminum cups are the worst option for the climate by far. Single-use aluminum cups used 47% more energy over their life-cycle and created 86% more carbon dioxide than other single-use plastic options. 

Single-use aluminum cups are not a sustainable option when compared to other single-use cups or reusable cups, even if most of the aluminum cups are collected for recycling. 

By comparison, reusable polypropylene (PP) cups used 300 times would generate no waste.

Endorsed by nearly 2 dozen environmental organizations, including Sierra Club, 5 Gyres and others, they’re calling on stadiums, arenas, venues and concessionaires to adopt new measures to meet the global waste crisis head on.

Their collective recommendation? Venues and event companies should begin the process of shifting away from all single-use cups, not just single-use plastic.

Please read the full report from Upstream here.

What about bioplastic “compostables”?

For starters, they come with a high cost – that impacts your bottom line and the environment.

Bioplastic “compostables” come with a lot of dirty secrets, including:

  • Need to be hand sorted and taken to an industrial composting facility, OR:
    • If put into Recycling – contaminates the entire load, which will be sent to the landfill or incinerator
    • If put into Landfill – does not decompose for a century or more, and when does, releases methane
    • If put into Incinerator – releases CO 2 when burned
    • If put into Environment (on the side of the road or in water) – will act like plastic
  • Use more energy to produce than single-use plastic
  • Release more pollutants from growing and processing the ingredients
  • Higher ozone depletion than traditional plastics
  • Require more land use
  • Use resources that could potentially be used for food


Learn more from National Geographic and ENSIA.

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