r.Cup makes impact simple.

What is r.Cup?

r.Cup is more than a reusable cup program – we’re a reuse movement to disrupt single-use at live events of any type. Music? Sports? Food Festival? Conference? We’re there!

We have deep roots in sustainability, our founder Michael Martin has been the recognized expert on live event sustainability for 30+ years. He’s worked with dozens of iconic artists and leading companies on their sustainability strategy and initiatives.

From Sustainability Today:

“Martin and r.Cup are directly addressing one of the worst and most harmful pollution sources – single-use plastics. … When you total up all the concerts, venues and festivals in which r.Cups are made available, the savings to the environment amount to more than 150,000 pounds of plastic trash eliminated from landfills (2019). It’s no surprise that r.Cup was named one of Fast Company magazine’s ‘World’s 10 Most Innovative Live Event Companies’ for 2020.”

Watch out single-use, we’re coming for you!

How does r.Cup work?

As part of our commitment to the health of people and our planet, we’re pleased to roll out our “New Cup Every Time” activation model at upcoming events.

Our “New Cup Every Time” model ensures safety and confidence in our program while maintaining our commitment to sustainability. No r.Cups are used twice. Instead of refills, we offer a fresh r.Cup with every purchase. After use, r.Cups are returned to our collections bins or taken home by fans to be used over and over and over.

From the collection bins, used r.Cups are picked up by our team and taken to our network of national washing facilities to be washed and sterilized, before they are put back into rotation.

Our reuse solution makes impact simple: Use! Return! Sterilize! Repeat!

Why choose reuse?

Each year in North America, the live event industry contributes over 4 billion single-use cups that end up in landfills, incinerators and ultimately, the environment.

r.Cup reduces the need for single-use cups at live events while also offering a more profitable and better environmental solution for artists, tour managers, sports teams, festivals, venues and concessionaires. The reuse ripple effect starts with our partners showing guests they care about the environment, which incentivizes and inspires them to take control of their own waste stream.

Continual reuse with r.Cup is the answer. It’s time to put an end to single-use!

Are reusables safe?

YES! 125 virologists, epidemiologists, and health experts from 18 different countries agree. Read their statement here!

Here at r.Cup, we’re as busy as ever collecting the data and information necessary to support reuse, knowing it’s the best option for the health and safety of people and our planet, even with the new threat of COVID-19.

Backed by facts and science, reuse solutions and systems are safe, protect public health, get people back to work, reduce CO2 emissions, stop single-use plastic pollution and reduce waste.

For more information, we encourage you to check out UPSTREAM’s wonderfully comprehensive resource guide on Reuse answering the most asked questions on the safety of reusable products during these times.

r.Cup is committed to implementing the highest quality washing and sterilizing processes available to exceed local and national regulations and requirements. We have a strategic relationship with the world’s leading expert on sanitization, Ecolab, to make sure we stay on the cutting edge of sanitizing technologies. We are implementing our sanitization processes in the most sustainable way with a focus on reducing chemicals, energy and water use. r.Cups are delivered fresh and immediately before each event rather than single-use that many times will sit open at venue warehouses and back bars for days or weeks on end.

Bottom line: Every r.Cup will be as clean or cleaner than any single-use cup available on the market.

What about those aluminum cups I’ve been hearing about?

Single-use aluminum cups are being presented as a green choice, but in reality, they are NOT A VIABLE SUSTAINABILITY SOLUTION. In fact, they are potentially much worse than other options.

Here are some of the reasons why single-use aluminum cups ring our alarm bells:

  • Aluminum cups are designed to be single-use and not reusable!
  • Less than 20% are even recycled at most events!
  • Aluminum cups require intensive resources and energy to produce, far more than plastic.
  • Best case, 30% of all aluminum cups are virgin aluminum with all the toxins and energy use required to source and make the other 70% of the cup.
  • The aluminum cup production and recycling processes cause irreversible habitat loss as well as releasing toxins into soil, water and air.

Read here for links to stat sources and to learn more about why the sustainable choice is to reuse and say NO to single-use!

What about bioplastic “compostables”?

For starters, they come with a high cost – that impacts your bottom line and the environment.

Bioplastic “compostables” come with a lot of dirty secrets, including:

  • Need to be hand sorted and taken to an industrial composting facility, OR:
    • If put into Recycling – contaminates the entire load, which will be sent to the landfill or incinerator
    • If put into Landfill – does not decompose for a century or more, and when does, releases methane
    • If put into Incinerator – releases CO 2 when burned
    • If put into Environment (on the side of the road or in water) – will act like plastic
  • Use more energy to produce than single-use plastic
  • Release more pollutants from growing and processing the ingredients
  • Higher ozone depletion than traditional plastics
  • Require more land use
  • Use resources that could potentially be used for food


Learn more from National Geographic and ENSIA.

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