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Watch out single-use, we’re coming for you!

It’s Our Turn


Science Proves:


BILLIONS of single-use cups from live events end up in landfills and our environment each year…. …We can’t recycle our way out of this!

At last, clear scientific consensus supporting reusable polypropylene (PPL) cups as the most sustainable option, and single-use aluminum cups as the worst option for the environment by far. See full study from Upstream here

Study Fact

Single-use aluminum cups use 47% more energy over their life-cycle and create 86% more carbon dioxide, making it the least sustainable of all the materials analyzed.

Study Recommendation

Venues and event companies should begin the process of shifting away from ALL single-use cups, not just single-use plastic.

Study Support

Backed by 20+ environmental groups, including 5 Gyres Institute, Oceanic Global, Sierra Club, Music Sustainability Association, and many more.

r.Cup is an award-winning, turnkey,
reusable cup system

Backed by Smart Cup r.Turn technology to track your positive impact.

How r.Cup works.

More than a reusable cup,
we’re makers of a movement.
Disrupt the single-use
plastic cup.

r.Cup reduces the need for single-use cups at live events with a more profitable, and better environmental solution for artists, tour managers, venues and concessionaires.

Generate environmental impact, revenue, and profit.

Finally a way to do something good for the environment that actually generates profit.

Reward fans, artists, teams and venues.

r.Cup allows artists and venues to show guests they care about the environment while incentivizing and inspiring them to take control of their own waste stream.

1. Create!

All cups are designed and made in the USA. Highest quality cups, lowest carbon footprint.

2. Stock.

We handle all logistics and delivery to your concessions. Use r.Cups in place of single-use with all beverages sold.

3. Reuse.

r.Cups served and reused throughout event. Let our team help you navigate state and local health code.

4. Return.

After use, r.Cups are returned to our collections bins or taken home by fans to be used over and over and over.

5. Wash.

Used r.Cups are picked up by our team and taken to our network of national washing facilities to be washed and sterilized.

6. Warehouse.

From load-in to load-out, our nationwide system of warehouses and management team take the worry out of storage space and inventory controls.

7. Report.

r.Cup provides an environmental impact report for you to monitor and share with guests.

8. Repeat!

Our r.Cup inventory is sterilized after every use and used again... and again... and again...

Choose your r.Cup

Universal r.Cup

Our most sustainable model.
Available in all sizes.

Custom r.Cup

Roll your own!


“Michael Martin is the guru of music industry greening.”

– Billboard Magazine

r.Cup was born from
3 decades of expertise.

r.Cup was developed by Michael Martin and his agency, Minneapolis-based Effect Partners. We’ve been at the forefront of awareness and action in the environmental movement, climate change, single-use plastics reduction, and music industry greening since 1990.


In addition to working with the world’s leading artists on greening initiatives, Effect Partners has identified major sustainability issues and acted as a catalyst to develop business and culture based solutions to tackle them. Martin and his teams have worked with Live Nation to help develop their sustainability strategy, Toyota to launch the Prius, Apple Computers to help develop the strategy to take complete responsibility for their own CO2 emissions, President Obama’s White House and EPA, the launching of green energy in this country with Green Mountain Energy and Native Energy; they helped make Earth Day an annual event, and put climate change on the national stage by creating the country’s first national global warming campaign in 1999, The Ben & Jerry’s Dave Matthews Band One Sweet Whirled Campaign.


r.Cup delivers a simple solution that moves consumer behaviors away from disposables and towards a new culture of reuse thereby making a positive environmental impact. Single-use cups have long been the holy grail of live events greening. r.Cup is the solution.

Michael Martin
CEO & Founder
r.Cup & Effect Partners

r.Cup makes impact simple.

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