The rentable, reusable cup program.

Each year, over four billion plastic cups from live events end up in landfills.
r.Cup is the solution.


Rent your r.Cup with small deposit.


Pay for your preferred beverage.

Return or Keep

Return your r.Cup to our field team for your deposit or keep our durable, dishwasher-safe cup.

Watch out single-use cups.We're coming for you.

We're on a mission to reduce the environmental impact of live events by disrupting one of the most visible and widespread waste issues in the industry: the single-use disposable plastic cup.

Hassle-free, turnkey program

No upfront costs for venues

Founding team with decades of experience in event sustainability

Recyclable, BPA-free plastic cups

Portion of profits donated to environmental nonprofits

What fans are saying about #rcupworld

Ready to put an end to single-use plastic cups?

Join our movement of rockstars, die-hard fans, pioneering venues and concessionaires by choosing r.Cup.