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We're the Reuse Market Leader for Environmental, Financial & Operational Excellence

As America’s #1 Reuse Platform, we couldn’t be more proud to receive this honor. The Reusies are the “The Oscars of the Reuse Movement” and celebrates the innovators developing a better way than throw-away, advancing systemic change and co-creating a world where we can get what we need and want without all the waste.

Earth Day, Washington D.C.

Born from over 30 years of sustainability & live events production experience

We are globally recognized as sustainability innovators

Reuse is a simple climate action everyone can take – and consumers are looking for solutions. Research shows that more than half would pay more for sustainable products designed to be reused.

Improve your guest drinking experience, foster shared values. Reuse is the future.


Meet your Corporate ESG Goals with r.Cup

2022 Most Innovative
Reuse Company

2021 World
Changing Idea

2020 World Most
Innovative Company

Working with the very best teams and leagues to deliver sustainability leadership

We’re a proud member of the Green Sports Alliance and our fast growing #TeamGreen network.

r. cup has been activated at thousands of events in over 70 Cities, 30 U.S. States, & 12 Countries

Some of our event partners and investors include:






All r.cups are
made in the U.S.A.

We offer the highest quality cups with the lowest carbon footprint thereby increasing your positive environmental impact.

Ask about all of our different styles & sizes. We have a cup for everything – Use them again and again and again…

Choose our Hero Cup… or roll your own custom cup!

Best-in-class sanitization

Nothing is more important than winning our guests’ trust when it comes to sanitization and food safety at live events.

r.Cup offers state of the art washing technology, leading the industry with cutting-edge food safety and sanitization powered by Ecolab. Ecolab is the global leader in water, hygiene, and infection prevention and has been r.Cup’s strategic partner since launching in 2017.

r.Cup and Ecolab share sustainability values and sanitization solutions that protect both people and vital resources.

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Reuse logistics, handled

It’s easy to drive change with the r.Turn system.

From load-in to load-out, our world class system takes the worry out of cup deliveries, pick ups, sanitization services, warehousing, inventory controls, and inventory management.

 Whatever you need, we have you covered.

Impact & inventory tracking

The r.Turn system allows full scope inventory tracking capabilities. We know exactly what has been delivered, and what the lifecycle of each unit is within each venue … at all times and every step of the way.

In turn, we compile key data points into a environmental impact report for you to track and share your positive impact.

The r.Turn App allows users and fans to see their impact and participate in giveaways and loyalty programs.

Science proves:
Reuse always wins

At last, clear scientific consensus supporting reusable polypropylene (PP) cups as the most sustainable option, and single-use aluminum cups as the worst option for the environment by far.

See full study from Upstream here.

Backed by 20+ environmental groups, including 5 Gyres Institute, Oceanic Global, Sierra Club, Music Sustainability Association, and many more.


Single-use aluminum cups use 47% more energy over their life-cycle and create 86% more carbon dioxide, making it the least sustainable.


Venues and event companies should begin the process of shifting away from ALL single-use cups, not just single-use plastic.

More than a reusable cup.
We're makers of a movement.

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