The r.Cup Movement

Given everything artists, venues and concessionaires juggle on large tours, sustainability can be an afterthought. Yet fans notice when their favorite artists care enough to make an impact.

Let's join forces and use our powers for good.

  • The r.Cup Experience

    Upon purchasing a beer, soda or cocktail, fans rent an event-branded r.Cup for a small deposit. At the end of the event, fans choose to either take their cup home or return it for their deposit back. And here's the best part: venues are nearly spotless at r.Cup events.

  • What does r.Cup Provide?

    - Artist-branded cups made with a dishwasher safe, recyclable blend
    - Cup inventory and full-execution provided at no cost
    - Return station staffing at egress
    - Deposit refund issuance at egress return stations
    - Training materials provided for concession staff
    - Tour and venue-specific website and social media content
    - Removal and cleaning of returned cups
    - Timely project and revenue settlement

  • Benefits of being an r.Cup event

    - Cost savings: Cups, cleaning and removal provided at no cost
    - Revenue increase: Artists and concessionaires receive a share of revenue from all cups kept by fans
    - Environmental impact: Eliminates tons of plastic waste
    - Fan connection: Connection to fans with a branded keepsake that doesn’t hurt merch sales
    - Good karma points: It’s the right thing to do

  • Who is behind r.Cup?

    Effect Partners, creators of r.Cup, has been passionate about developing and implementing sustainability innovations for the music industry for the past 27 years. We introduced recycling, C02 offsets, compostable merch bags, the EnviroRider™ and EnviroTour™, Eco-Villages, biodiesel, and more.

    Check out Effect Partner's work with U2's 2017 Joshua Tree Tour.

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