reduce. reuse. r.Cup.

Eliminate waste. Generate revenue. Cut costs.

Each year, over a hundred million plastic cups from large live events end up in landfills -- we have a solution.

r.Cup makes impact simple: fans rent a tour or event branded reusable cup with their drink order. After the show, fans either take their cup home or return it.

Disrupting the plastic cup is that easy. (Really!)

Eliminate Waste

A waste-free solution to single-use plastic cups that demonstrates you are listening to fans' passion for sustainability.

Generate Revenue

Venue, artist and concessionaire receive a share of revenue from all cups kept by fans.

Cut Costs

No need to waste lump sums of money on plastic cups that only contribute to landfill waste.

We have happy fans across the country!

“It says a lot about the band that they’re willing to impact the environment and pave the way for other artists to do the same.”

U2 Fan
Joshua Tree Tour

“I Love the r.Cup! Especially for a festival that is all about the environment and the land.”

Festival Attendee
Farm Aid 2018

“I’m really excited that a band I love cares about the same things I do.”

U2 Fan
Joshua Tree Tour

“We love using r.Cup because when working elsewhere there is always a lot of plastic waste. We love the whole concept.”

Aramark Employee
US Bank Stadium, Minneapolis

Interested in volunteering for r.Cup?

Join countless fans helping eliminate plastic waste at concerts nationally.

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